★ Videos ★

List of Videos


★彡4 Minute


★彡Brave Brothers

★彡FT Island


★彡G-Dragon(Big Bang)

★彡Hong Jin Young






5 Responses to “★ Videos ★”

  1. the band of kpop still to a few..but i wonder did ur blog 4 all kpop band or just the band u want…

    • hello^^ i couldn’t update more right now because my computer is still under repair^_^ so yeah.. i guess my blog is for all the kpop artist.. not just for my favorite kpop artist^__^

  2. wow, thanks for all this ^^
    but, uhm if you don’t mind, can you put up oh! mv by unotuchable?
    it’s just that i love that song 😀
    if you don’t want too, thats fine ^^
    thanks you(:

  3. Hoayeee!! Thanks alots buddy, I’m looking forward to this. I want k-pop MV from mediafire.com for a long time ago. Hee that’s pretty easy with our country connection. Thanks again buddy.

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