★ About the Authors ★

We would like to greet all of you our visitors, with lots of  hugs and kisses! yay

well, this blog started as a fangirling blog wherein i put my instrumentals..yeah instrumentals for kpop songs(which are unofficial by the way) LOL, and now there are threee authors now on lollipopice.wordpress.com! and now its not for kpop related things only.. i post my father’s lecture notes too here! yeahh~~

Let’s Start now the introductions


a certified FANGIRL! yeah.. started my KPOP life when I was still in HighSchool(how old am i right now?!I’m currently studying on a University right now!) HS was like ages ago~ I’m old..I think~ haha..^^I’m 100% Filipino~ yeah..

I’m a fan of FT Island(well the three of us[kuriandro]).. yeah I’m a Primadonna! and i’m proud of it! Love the boys till death! Why? I don’t know either.. I never imagined that would be a Fangirl for them for over 2 years now.. I never stick to one group.. Before, i usually stray from one group/singer to another group/singer.. (shame on me). I was like a Se7en fan at first and then turned my attention to Super Junior then Big Bang then SS501..tsk tsk..LOL.. i just can’t believe that up till now I’m still a Primadonna~ yeah.. and i’ll always and forever be!

I’m a fan of other KPOP groups too but still my heart belongs to FT Island.. guess who my favorite FT Island member is? lol.. yeah.. It’s GOAT~~ i love himmmmmmmm! <33333 and i will always be! Jaejinah! remember noona will take care of you! I will!!

I think i don’t have a life at all.. lol..my life is in front of the computer^^ ._. yeahh.. pretty sad right? nope~ don’t be sad for me.. i’m happy..jaejin is here..by my side..^^

and again.. thank you to all the people who visited the site! you are loved! i know!

P.S. Ro and Kuri if you see this post ~ do one okay?! haha.. mwahs

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