oh yeah i was so thrilled when i found this vid, LOL, hahaha.. its the dance version of Juliette..oh mahnn,, i LOVE the opening wherein they where to walk.. LOL.. hhahahahahaha… then i was like “please stay like that forever, i wanna see your back so much!” lol.. okay, and wah, i wanna see ONEW, sleeveless! lol.. i mean him wearing a sleeveless shirt is damnnnn,, i haven’t seen him wear something like that yet, hahahaha.. have you guys?! tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha.. anyway, and and LOL at the backup dancers appearing suddenly at the back,, really! it shocked me so much while watching it,, i was like WTH?! where did that come from? LOL LOL.. anyway, enjoy

Vid credit: YoDubu1@ YT

~ by lollipopice on June 10, 2009.

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