{YT} Lee Hong ki Mnet Scandal T_T {kissss}

vid credits: lilmissann@YT

anyway,, i haven’t watched the episode yet, imma go watch it first before i spazz or say my feelings about the episode! oh and lilmissann thanks for the VID! lol.. wah, -sigh- i still am not in favor to the fact that hongki did this..lol.. hahahaha.. anyway, imma go watch it now!


LOL at hongki at the first part,, hahaha.. so shy, i know he’s not very good when it comes to girls,, lol.. so typical of him geting nervous and all! LOL.. ahhhhh.. so cute ❤ he’s like “eoteokke!” lol.. he’s freaking out in the car… awe HONGKIYAH! kyeopta! ackkkkkkk.. what a luck girl! really! i was like damn, hongki don’t enter the restaurant! awe.. but he entered…lol.. you can see the people looking at him,, amazed by his CHARM, oh yes, i’ll be like that too {amazed/starstrucked} if i see him! ahahahahaha..ah.. ACKKKKKKKKk.. hongki is feeding her! awe.. me too! can i can i?! awe.. hongki is like a kid! so cute <3,-sigh- i want to be fed by jaejin! lol.. hahahahahaanyway, i don’t mind anymore,as long as its not jaejin.. lol.. kidding^^ anyway, i don’t really kinda get the purpose of the show..lol.. only one girl benefits.. -sigh-  i mean, of course, fans would be like “WTH?! why is  my __________ with that freakin’ girl?” something like that.. anyway, the fact that i think the show is scripted, i kinda enjoyed watching it..lol.. i kinda knew how Hongki is likewhen he dates a girl..lol..and the kiss at the end…. lol.. hahahaha.. idk i’m not a hardcore fan of hongki..lol.. just a fan of jaejin.. -sigh-

~ by lollipopice on June 11, 2009.

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