{YT}090610 ChinChin Radio SHINee – GEE

vid credits: YoDubu1

LOL… i was laughing at the first part.. key and minho.. i love their english so muchies..and then minho was like “my girls?” hahahahahahaha.. so cute.. ONEW is so hilarious here! hahahahaha.. 2:05!! lol..i was like WTH?? are you doing onew?! hahahaha.. so cute~ hahahaha.. onew sangtae! hahahaha.. lol..onew likes to make weird sounds! hahaha.. he’s like a KID.. awe..,, so cute..<333.. 2:39 killed me! hahahaha,,lol at key.. dancing.. hahaha,,3:09,, was like..WTH? onew? i love his laugh so much.. hahaha

~ by lollipopice on June 11, 2009.

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