[MV]Hong Jin Young – Battery of Love/Love’s Battery .avi

File Name: [MV]Hong Jin young – Battery of Love.avi

File Size: 33.0 MB (34,652,246 bytes)

Format: .avi

Resolution: 480 x 360

Duration: 00:04:03


i’m gonna spazz! WTF?! HUNNIE is so hot here! to the max! mahnn,, he’s so freakin’ handsome! OHMYGAHDD! i was laughing at the beginning coz’ i couldn’t imagine jonghun in an office and what?! working?! lol.. hahaha..he’s too handsome to work on an office^^ lol.. and yes i posted this because of CHOI JONG HUN of Ft Island^^..lol.. coz’ i’m a primadonna^^ ..lol, i kinda like the song, but i like the MV more~ lol.. hahaha.. i love the mud scene! my gahdd! dirty jonghun! hahaha.. like it!

oh and by july, i’ll be posting more of FTI’s comeback performances^^..lol..and sungje of Supernova looks like a girl^^,


~ by lollipopice on June 20, 2009.

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