ROFL, Spazz Time! Spazz Post!

okay, imma just take some break on posting some perf vids, MVs, really^^ i need to spazz this! lol..

vid credits: Bestiz – pink ribbon 님 + randy19973@YT

ROFL, i watched KBS music bank yesterday^^ and i was so happy coz’ again SHINee won! oh yeah,! <33 CONGRATS! , yay! anyway, i laughed a lot on the encore perf! lol, coz’ onew did his onew condition again, which is so funny^^, adorable dubu! hahahaha.. he recited his lines instead of singing it! my gahdd,, how adorable could it be~ -sigh- he’s just so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awe,, okay, i admit yes i’m a fan of dubu, but again i’m not gonna claim him, ayt?! lol.. whoever claims him as his wife, then go on^^ lol, i’m a proud dongsaeng of his!.. i’m just gonna spaz how cute he is^^anyway, my heart belongs to JAEJIN of ft island.. hahaha.. no one can replace him^^,

okay, i’m finished spazzing^^, hahaha.. i’m just so happyXDDDDDDDDD, who can blaim me right?!

oh and thanks^^ i received a lot of love~ lol,, i got 3,000+  hits in a week, i didn’t expect it^^, thanks^^

~ by lollipopice on June 20, 2009.

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