[MINI-ALBUM] 4minute – For Muzik


Release Date: 08/31/09

Genre: Dance/Pop

Language: Korean

Bit Rate: 320 kbps

File Size: 47.5 MB


01 For Muzik
03 Hot Issue
04 What a girl wants
05 웃겨 (Funny)
06 안줄래 (Won’t Give You)
07 Hot Issue (Remix)


omo! Finally the most awaited album of 4minute is out.

Songs here are nice. HyunA’s voice now is much better now than before. It would be good if she just rap more cause it fits her voice. hehehe.. Finally fans can see now Jiyoon’s eyes. haha!

Even if they say that they’re different from 2ne1, still if you listen carefully to their songs it’s quite the same. lol! It’s only my opinion. sorry sorry,, I should stop comparing them to 2ne1 and other groups because I love both groups. haha! anyway, each girl group has their own uniqueness so yeah.. XD

wooh! I’m spamming now. XD

anyway, it’s an album you should listen to. hehe. and better look forward to their comeback perf. XD

~ by hongmirlove on August 30, 2009.

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