[UPDATED] dl songs

hey guys! I have updated the  ★彡DL Songs★彡. Please do drop by there.

Some of the songs are quite old because I haven’t get the chance to upload it earlier. I wouldn’t post them individually ’cause it will take me long time posting it. hehe.

so here’s the list of the songs I’ve added:


  1. [mp3 ripped/aud] 4minute Jiyoon & Gayoon – If I Ain’t got you (by Alicia Keys) @ PKL Starry Nightdownload

  2. [mp3 ripped/aud] 4minute  – Milkshake (by Missy Elliot) @ PKL Starry Night download

  3. [mp3 ripped/aud] 4minute – Up to the Sky (by Lexy) @ PKL Starry Nightdownload

  4. [mp3 ripped/aud]4minute – Tell me(by Wondergirls) @ Mnetdownload

FT Island:

  1. [mp3 ripped/aud] FT Island Lee Jaejin – 4/4 Rhythym trot @ PKR Starry Nightdownload

  2. [mp3 ripped/aud] FT Island – Song 2 (by Blur) @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolatedownload

  3. [mp3 ripped/aud] FT Island – Fire (by 2ne1) @ SBS Inkigayodownload

  4. [mp3 ripped/aud] FT Island ft KARA – Pretty Girl @ SBS Inkigayodownload

the songs above are just ripped from a vid so obviously it’s not in its best quality.

credit: jinnienomuyeppo02@youtube (vids) + lollipopice@wp

~ by hongmirlove on September 6, 2009.

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