[mp3 ripped/aud] C.N. Blue – Now or Never

omo!! I finally found a song of C.N. Blue.. C.N. Blue is said to be the 2nd ft island ’cause they are under F&C music. however they debut in Japan last Aug.19 as an indie band. yeah, that’s the sad part there. They are indie band in japan. That’s why it’s hard to get or download or search for their album. aww.. But hopefully, we can find more of their songs and their performances.. weee! I’m so thankful that someone has posted a vid of them performing in japan.. wooh! Go CNB!!

So here’s an mp3 of their new single. It’s entitled Now or Never..


It’s just ripped from vid so yeah it’s not in its best quality. hehe. Their song is kinda sloppy here ’cause its live. but mind you, they sang really good.. Yonghwa and Jonghyun has a nice voice.. and their english is nice too.. woot!! they sound like an american band.. lol. XD

I especially took time to post this even though I shouldn’t have to by now cause I have lots of exams on the following days. haha! so Remember to credit if posting somewhere.. give at least your thanks.. ^^

credit: cnbluesky(vid) + lollipopice@wp

~ by hongmirlove on September 7, 2009.

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