[mp3 ripped]FT Island(Jaejin on vocals) – “Hey Jude” @ Star’s Dream Chuseok Special

I  KNOW IT’S A JAEJIN PIC SPAM!!!!!!! HAHAHA.. he’s getting cuter and cuter! mygahdd… and now noona is going crazy!!!!!!! like totally crazy! jaejin’s english is ._.,, he’s improving!! yay.. lemme hug you baby GOAT! ahahaha.. omg~ i can’t stop watching this coz’ jaejin is like sooooooo ADORABLE!!!! jaejinah! noona will take care of you arasso?! hahaha,,XD

here’s the mp3 rip of Heyjude.. why beatles?! lol.. anyway.. idc.. i like it^^


~ by lollipopice on October 2, 2009.

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