[mp3 ripped/aud] Super Junior-M – Super Girl

super junior m - super girl cover


OMFG!!!!! super junior m is back.. and now with more mature looks!! accck!! They all look so hot here. I dont like Siwon’s hairstyle here but OMO!! he’s HOOOOTtest for me here,, brr… waah, hongki my hubby, I’m so sorry!! don’t worry, your still my one love forever and ever.. LOL.. XD

aigoo.. anyways,, yay!! finally I have a new mandarin music to listen to again.. hehehe… It’s kinda addicting and it’s more upbeat now than love story & me, and the mv too is like sorry sorry.. hehehe.. can’t wait now for the mini album..wee!!  XD


this is aud rip so expect it to be in low quaity, and also this is an inofficial mp3… Super Junior M’s new album will be released at the end of September.. hehe.

credit: SMent(vid) + lollipopice@wp

~ by hongmirlove on September 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “[mp3 ripped/aud] Super Junior-M – Super Girl”

  1. I love this song!!!! Super Girl ~~~so cool
    사랑해 슈퍼주니어~~~

    ^ ^

    Thank you so much!!!!

  2. i like super junior M .they’re so handsome n specil dance.
    i like si won hangeng dong hae reyo wook n the last 1 kyuhyun.
    m ur big fan in cambodia. sa rang hae su per ju ni or M.

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